Aim of The Program


Architecture and Construction sectors show significant developments around the world and also in our country. In the construction sector, which has undertaken to meet the needs of the rapidly increasing world population in services such as shelter, production, management, education, energy, transportation and trade, great progress has been made especially in recent years. In our country, this sector is at the forefront of the world scale. On the other hand, the trend towards prestige buildings with high importance, coefficient and high standards in terms of quantity and quality has increased greatly. This requires both a more intensive study and training of specialist and competent architects who have completed postgraduate education with advanced art skills in research and research. In addition to this, it has become an imperative to train professional language speakers within the framework of globalization. Our Master's program aims to respond to the needs outlined briefly above both in the construction and education sector by training qualified architects within the scope of a graduate program.

The Master of Architecture Program, which is planned to be opened within the body of Istanbul Okan University Institute of Science, aims to provide expertise in contemporary and leading Architecture subjects that will meet the needs of our country. Another goal is to prepare undergraduate graduates for research in our English Doctorate Program. At the same time, necessary research and education opportunities are provided for the working architects involved in the practice to be directed towards competence within the framework of Bologna decisions and process. Therefore, the necessary knowledge and skills will be provided to both young graduates who want to enter academic life and architects who aim to follow new technologies in business life.