Career and Life Program


With its ‘’the University Closest to Business Life’’ motto, Istanbul Okan University aims to bridge education and business world, prepares students to modern business life with equipping them to global world and business life’s informational and ability needs.

In the direction of this goal, the university enables students to work at firms and gain the values such as social, culturel and professional skills as part of its Business Life Program, starting from their freshman year until their graduations. This program contains professional and personal development courses, symposiums, workshops, major certificate programs, introductory of industry and working area, meeting with professionals, real time practices, social, sportive, cultural activities.

Once they complete their undergraduate program, they are not only an university graduate, but also a ‘world citizen’ who is ready to be successful in the global world business life.

You can find the details about this program below. For more information and your questions, we are waiting you at Career Center (Social Center, -1 Floor) and Dean of Students (Social Center, Entrance Floor).

BUSINESS and LIFE PROGRAM contains the topics below. The program involves the whole faculty and graduate school students.

Compulsory Courses:

A. Career and life
The course aims; to help students to determine their expectation from university education and this encourages and improves themselves to spend their time more efficient in the process. Starting from the first year of education, these trainings will prepare them to recognize the opportunities in the future and the business life.

B. Prep to Business Life
Prior to the graduation, the course provides you to recognize yourself, the career options, and skills need in business life. At the beginning of your career step, it helps you to know about the dynamics of the business life as a different world.
Hence it helps you to adapt quickly and being prepared.

C. Multidisciplinary Seminar
Students should join and follow up minimum 10 seminars in a semester. This is a obligatory part of the program is applied only one period in four years of education.

D. Happy Life
Happy Life, develops students in sporting, artistic and cultural aspects and the courses organized for this purpose. Students must take two courses in the Happy Life activities. In the same period or these two courses can be selected in different periods.

Those activities are Basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, Squash, Golf, Swimming, Dance, Music, Drama, Chess, art and Crafts, you attend these classes according to areas of your interest.

80% class attendance is essential, in case of you fail because of absence you have to repeat it. University undergraduate and graduate Regulations provisions reserved. Courses may vary on the basis of the period.

E. Business Life in Turkey and Culture
While cultures around the world value their individual traditions, beliefs, and norms that make them unique, these courses and the social media help to link people around the world regardless of differences and geographical boundaries. During intercultural adaptation, students have the lectures, to learn about their host countries, the bussines life in the host country, establish and maintain relationships, and join the events in the host country. Increasing the communication and interaction and better understanding the life in Turkey are the key factors and intercultural adaptaion, of the course outcomes.

Elective Courses:

F. Social Responsibility
The target of the lectures is to improve students’ abilities beingsensitive to social issues, understand the others and open to compromise. The main topicsare social ethic, social matters, social responsibilities. The applied ide of the course makes students to contribute the projects (such as female unemployment, disabled people, dealing with dead end kids, etc.) to be implemented at the university.

G. Internship (Volunteer) / Part Time Jobs
This part of program helps students to learn business environment and to provide them chance reinforce their theoretic knowledge with practices in the field,from freshman to complete their graduation.

Students are being placed to the companies which are solution partner of university, in a certain process.

Thus, they are having opportunity to experience for the business life by personally living in, and have chance to experience whether those field of business sector matching their expectation.

H. Futurism
Futurism wakes up the power requires to promote starting from today. Being prepared for the future and to provide a way to him, being a good of mankind, can be possible to define by completing some processes. Students who accomplish the course will learn the complexities of the future, structure of the futurism tools, and with the methods and scenario studies to make a broad audience and society, understand the creatures and the Earth truly, get useful information and gain consciousness.

I. Changing Perceptivity
To find the similarities and differences, reshaping the behavior consistency continuously by means of time and managing the crisis in converting into opportunity, the ability to create and alter the perception continuously are aims to give. And in social environments and in business life, to format against change perception and management of communication in business life also are increased by the course.

J. Philosophy
Philosophy is defined as an area of disciplines and / or special types; what makes it special is the practice of searching for information and wisdom there theoria, that is, the world, the attitude toward understanding the universe, in addition to practicing knowledge and wisdom.
Course content, planning and measurement.
The Philosophy course aims to present specialized and intellectually developed knowledge; this is included in a broad spectrum and the subject of the subject.

K. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world. Understanding AI and knowing how to build AI-powered applications can be advantageous in your career. The aim of the course is to provide students with information on basic techniques and methods in artificial intelligence and to enable students to have the ability to use AI methods in solving practical problems. The aimed that the students who complete the course will understand the historical and conceptual development of AI, the aims of AI and the methods it uses to achieve these goals, the social and economic role of AI, and the ability to identify and use AI techniques by analyzing the real world problems.

L. IBM Industry 4.0
It explains how institutions create business platforms that are part of the cognitive organization while using artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of objects, automation and 5G technologies and solutions with digital transformation, the requirements of being a cognitive organization and examples on this subject. With digital transformation, it is foreseen that there will be a serious need for talent and skill, especially with the increase in the use of automation and artificial intelligence. In the coming years, corporate employees may need to be retrained and gain new skills as a result of artificial intelligence-based automation. As IBM, recommendations are given regarding this situation.

M. Metaverse

With the widespread use of digital technologies in education, our University has started to offer Metaverse courses in order to provide its students with new competencies. Within the scope of the course, Metaverse scope will be discussed from different perspectives. In accordance with the interdisciplinary nature of the field, potential opportunities and problems will be discussed and a basis will be sought.

Learning outcomes of the course:

  • Getting to know the metaverse universe.
  • Being able to create potential communication strategies in the metaverse universe.
  • Learn about the opportunities and threats of the Metaverse universe.
  • To be able to develop ideas with different perspectives in the metaverse universe.
  • To be able to look at the technologies used in the Metaverse universe from a holistic perspective.
  • Gain insight into the future of the Metaverse.

N. Individual Branding

Individual Branding is the effect that the messages conveyed by using the prominent features such as knowledge, experience and talent that the person has in the society and on other individuals. Branding has a lot of contributions to the person, first of all, with its spiritual and then its benefits. You can become a role model admired by other individuals, or you can become a full-fledged professional with a much better income than you are now. In addition, the spiritual pleasure and satisfaction you will receive may lead you to lead a life where you can be quite happy. It contains theoretical information that will create awareness of the correct grounding of your own brand work, not in which department or in which department / sector you are, and to discover your strengths and weaknesses.