Dear Academicians and Professionals,

Nowadays, the awareness that companies are the cornerstones of society and the impact they have on the welfare of the country is increasingly understood. This shows the importance of maintaining and maintaining companies for many years. Having survived for several generations in Turkey, a very small number of companies have more than 100 years, and this leads the idea that companies companies do not give importance to this issue. Therefore, in order to examine this issue in detail, we have set our 2020 congress theme as Integrated Sustainability.

There are a variety of Corporate Sustainability approaches (tools, infrastructures and initiatives) that ensure the integration of company sustainability into key business activities. To understand the applicability of these approaches, scientists are developing a variety of infrastructures and methods that look outside the company, work approaches and general structure. In order to contribute to the understanding of the applications of the Corporate Sustainability Approaches in enterprises, we welcome both academicians and company representatives to present their works that will demonstrate the sustainability of the company in terms of different functions (finance, procurement, operational, etc.). We planned the congress as an international congress to discuss international practices and academic studies. For this reason, Turkish and English language sessions will be held in the congress and the sessions will be determined according to the language to be presented.

You can also find the other information about the congress in the congress web page https://okan.edu.tr/en/irditechman/.

The deadline for submitting the abstract is March 20, 2020.

I would like to thank all contributors for their interest and support of the congress from the academic and professional environment.

Prof. Güner Gürsoy
International Research Development, Innovation and Technology Management Congress Chair

IRDITECH’20 is supported by TÜBİTAK within the scope of National Scientific Meetings Grant Programme 2223-B.