Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which universities can I go to?
    Nearly 500 universities around the world, especially in England, recognize the HND system as a transition condition for intermediate classes of the university. You can check which program is valid at which universities via
  • How long will the program take?
    Although it generally takes 1 year, it varies according to the program.
  • Which countries can i go to?
    You have the opportunity to travel to the UK, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates and about 50 other countries.
  • Where should I apply to get an HND diploma?
    You can apply to the International Programs Directorate.
  • At what level should our foreign language be?
    It depends on the university you will go to.
  • Which Language Placement Exams (TOEFL, IELTS) are valid?
    It depends on the schools you have chosen. You can access the language proficiency rules of the school of your choice on the website.
  • What should my GPA be?
    The conditions of success accepted at Istanbul Okan University are valid. In addition, the articles in the senate decision dated 22.09.2020 should be checked.
  • Will I be subjected to any exam?
    No. The exams you take at Istanbul Okan University will be sufficient.
  • Are financial scholarship support provided?
    There is no scholarship provided by Pearson or Istanbul Okan University. However, if the student documents their success, they can request a scholarship from universities.
  • I graduated 3 years ago. Can I join the HND program?
    No. The student must be an active student.
  • Can we apply to this program when we graduate from the Turkish department?
    Yes, you can apply.
  • How much do I have to pay to get HNC and HND certificate?
    The HNC registration fee is 200 GBP, the HND registration fee is 250 GBP.