O’SIG partnered with Kenhub

19 August 2019

Okan Surgery Interest Group members enjoy special offers from Kenhub;

Need help learning anatomy? Kenhub is an online learning platform that teaches you gross anatomy, histology and radiological (MRI, CT and X-ray) anatomy faster, smarter and more effectively than your textbooks.

A variety of learning tools are available: a full color atlas of anatomy, detailed articles, video tutorials and five different types of quizzes powered by spaced repetition - a scientifically proven study technique that tests your knowledge at periodic intervals, right as you're about to forget it. You can even learn with flashcards and muscle anatomy revision charts.

As you use the website, you can keep track of your progress. Your quiz scores are automatically recorded and your "weak spots" are highlighted based on your previous quiz attempts, so you'll always know what you need to spend more time studying.

Lastly, Kenhub can be used across all of your devices - desktop, tablet and mobile. Your progress will be saved, no matter which device you use.

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