About the Center


Our Mission
To create individual learning opportunities to meet the needs of self-learning, research and development to the companies, institutions, organizations and learners with Okan University’s technological potential.

Our vision
To put into effect of e-learning process on the road of ‘E-University’ to be a world-class university. Also to play a key role in the development of applications in the field of Distance Education.


  1. Interdisciplinary approach
  2. Sensitivity to the needs
  3. Care to share information
  4. Pay attention to all the stakeholders,
  5. Adherence to ethical principles.
Central Board
  • Prof. Tevfik Akgün

  • Assoc. Prof. A. Zafer Acar 

  • Assist Prof. Birim Balcı

  • Assist Prof. Mehmet Kılıç

  • Assist Prof. İbrahim Gönen

Central Advisory Board

Prof. Yavuz Akpınar, Boğaziçi University 

  • Prof. Dr. Sevinç Gülseçen, İstanbul University
Assoc. Prof. Erdem Erkul, Microsoft
Assoc. Prof. İzzet Gökhan Özbilgin, Head of Business Development and Analysis of the Capital Markets Board of Turkey
Ufuk Akdağ, ideaLStudio

  • Muvaffak Gözaydın, Global Online Universities Consortium
Atıf Ünaldı IPTV Association Deputy Head