About the Faculty


As one of the closest faculty to the business world along with its social responsibilities, the Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences embodies its internal synergy of diverse and rich departments as well as faculties through the concept of “Business Transforming in Eco-political Arena.” Our Faculty, admitted its first students to the Business Administration Department in academic year of 2002-2003, currently has 7 departments and 10 programs, the medium of instruction of which is both English and Turkish. In line with our emphasis on internationalization, we place great importance on Russian, Chinese and Arabic, which are languages used in the developing markets, as well as English.

The multi-dimensional education approach constitutes one of the distinguishing characteristics of our faculty. In addition to formal education that students receive upon completing one of our programs, we aim to encourage students to internalize cultural, intellectual and business atmosphere of Istanbul. For this, we offer students long-term internship and job opportunities via our COOPerative Learning module along with hosting prominent figures of the business world as guest speakers in our courses. Pursuant to our internationalization perspective in education, we encourage our students to receive education at least one semester in our contracted universities of various countries via ERASMUS and international exchange programs. Moreover, “Okan International University” established in the USA represents our significant particularity.

As our mission, we provide our graduates with basic skills, including entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, entrepreneurship course is among compulsory courses of our faculty and so, the faculty offers branded entrepreneurship courses that allow benefiting from funds supported by TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB.

With our belief in that “the ability of adapting to change” would distinguish our graduates, we educate our future’s experts and professionals with the approach that is named “competency of learning how to learn”. In this sense, instead of examination system based on rote-learning, we use innovative education methods such as projects, case studies, sector workshops, internships, fieldworks, business simulations and branded courses in our updated academic programs. Trade master Finance Lab for financial investment simulations and Business Strategy Lab for business simulations that have just been opened contributes our education approach.

With a dynamic and interdisciplinary perspective, we aim to train our students as global citizens who concern human rights and freedom as well as internalize the rich businesses and intellectual life of Istanbul and have analytic and critical thinking ability. Moreover, we support our graduates to be “entrepreneurs and competent professionals learned how to learn.”