The book titled “Ekonomik ve Yönetsel Boyutları ile Sürdürülebilirlik” was published

29 November 2023

The book titled “Ekonomik ve Yönetsel Boyutları ile Sürdürülebilirlik”, edited by Prof. Zeynep Alemdar and Asst. Prof. İrem Yalkı, both members of the Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences, was published by Istanbul Okan University Publications. Our faculty members, Asst. Prof. Dr. Canan Koçer Durmaz, Asst. Prof. Ceyda Ovacı, Asst. Prof. Didem Demir, Asst. Prof. E. Başak Tavman, Asst. Prof. İrem Yalkı and Asst. Prof. Turgay Münyas, as well as colleagues from Işık University’s Department of Economics, Prof. Aslı Taşbaşı and Asst. Prof. Selda Görkey have also contributed to the book. Şafak Özsoy, a sectoral expert on sustainability also contributed with a chapter on the practical aspects of sustainability reporting.

To access the book, please click.