The first Istanbul Chinese Knowledge Competition

19 December 2018

Students of Okan University won two first prizes in the Chinese Knowledge Competition of Istanbul organized by the Chinese Consulate.

On the Chinese leg of the competition, the first second and the third places are from Okan University and on the English leg of the competition the first place is also from Okan University. The winner of the Chinese leg of the competition is İrem KILIÇ, the second is Beyza GÜLDÜRÜ and the third are Elif ÖNER and Nisa NAS. They’re all Chinese Translation Studies first grade students. The winner of the English leg of the competition is Umut Delil Arslan who is a prep school student in Chinese Translation Studies of Okan University. Irem gave a speech as the student representative. She said that through this competition she has increased her knowledge about China. She hopes that there will be more such opportunities in the future and expressed her sincere gratitude to the organizer of the Chinese Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey. The Consulate General also congratulated the University of Okan for achieving such outstanding results in this event. They also hope that everyone will make persistent efforts to achieve better results in future activities.