Workshop on Intelligent Vehicles and Energy (June 27 2011)

On June 27, 2011 a Workshop on Intelligent Vehicles and Energy was carried out at Okan University.

About The Workshop
Vehicular transportation is responsible for a significant fraction of the energy consumed in the world. It is clear that as demand for personal mobility continues to increase in developing economies, the demand for energy will grow with it. The use of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) technologies in a broad sense must therefore be coupled with a deep understanding of the energy implications of different modes of transportation and with the introduction of alternative energy supplies. In this context, the initiation of EVs (Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles), the use of dense, autonomous driving on highways, the utility of real-time traffic congestion information for Hybrid and Electric vehicles, are all examples in the important "ITS-Energy" domain, the topic of this Workshop.

Below are some photographs taken at the workshop:

Okan University Engineering-Architecture Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Nejat Tuncay making his presentation
titled "A Tour of the Horizon in Electrical Road Transportation".

Prof. Sadayuki Tsugawa from Meijo University, Japan making his presentation
titled "Energy ITS, its Backgrounds and Automated Truck Platooning"

Prof. Ümit Özgüner, Ohio State University, making his presentation
titled "Real Time Energy Management for HEV with ITS information transmittal"

Asst. Prof. Başar Özkan, Okan University, making his presentation
titled "The Okan Autonomous Vehicle Project"

PhD student Can Gökçe from İTÜ making his presentation
titled "Solar Cell Supplied Electric Race-Cars"

Prof. Dr. Levent Güvenç, Okan University makin his presentation
titled "Team MEKAR Participating in GCDC"

KoçSistem Technology and Innovation Director Bülent Erbaş making his presentation
titled "V2X Communication Development"

Ufuk Peker, Infotech, making his presentation
titled "Mapping Aids For Intelligent Vehicles"