Double Degree Opportunities for Istanbul Okan University Students

Having successfully passed the Pearson quality audit, Istanbul Okan University is the first Turkish university to be authorized to issue a Pearson-approved International Certificate (HNC - High National Certificate) and International Diploma (HND - High National Diploma).

HND is a diploma that has a position between associate degree and bachelor's degree. Our students with HND will have the right to receive a second bachelor's degree from that university by studying for an additional year in the same area at contracted universities in countries such as the EU, USA and Canada, mainly in the UK, if they wish.

In the programs for which the HND diploma certificate will be determined, it will be given to the students who request it along with their undergraduate diplomas. Our graduates with HND will be entitled to receive their second diplomas from universities that accept HND (England, Italy, Canada, USA, etc.) by studying for one more year.

In addition, students who have received an International Diploma (HND-High National Diploma) by studying in different countries will be accepted to our corresponding undergraduate programs at Istanbul Okan University and complete their undergraduate education and receive their diplomas.

HNC / HND accreditation will not only offer our students the opportunity of getting double degree, but will also contribute to the visibility of Istanbul Okan University's Pearson education solutions in the world of activity and to the expansion of international promotion areas.

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9 Programs under HND approval:

  • Art and Design (In progress)
  • Engineering (Electric-Electronic, Industry, Machinery) (In progress)
  • Business (Economics and Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Tourism and Hotel Management, International Finance, International Logistics and Transport, International Trade)
  • Software Engineering and Computer Engineering (In progress)
  • Civil Engineering (In progress)
  • Interior Architecture and Landscaping (In progress)
  • Pediatric Development (In progress)
  • Graphic Design (In progress)
  • Fashion Design (In progress)

Attention Business Department Students:

For the application, £ 250 will be transferred to the account below and the receipt will be sent to the e-mail address below. "HND Application Payment" must be written in the subject of the e-mail that you will send. When sending an e-mail to apply, you must specify following information:

Name, surname, date of birth, student number, gender, contact information (mail and phone) (for questions and applications from the current students)

Account information is as follows;
Account No: 00158048019430869
Nickname: HND&HNC
IBAN no: TR180001500158048019430869
Swift: TVBATR2A (International Office – for student admission questions)

To the Attention of Students of Other Departments (Except for Business);
Departments at our university (except Business Administration) are currently in the Pearson Accreditation process. Current developments will be announced here. At this stage, If you have any question, you may use following e-mail address;