About the Department


Department of Sports Management as part of Sport Sciences program began to education Turkish program in 2008. Courses Curriculum that 30% English program began from academic year of 2010-2011. Now new students are not taken to the Turkish program. The main objective of the department is qualified the conscious, knowledgeable sports managers who has necessary knowledge and skills for sports industry and can compete nationally and internationally. The students, who has successfully complete one year English preparatory education training program, pass 30% English program. Relationship with other sciences of sport, the basic elements of management science and their importance in the sports industry are taught during the four years. The students, who continue Turkish Program are trained for the same purposes.

Sports Management, which covers a part of the multidisciplinary social sciences, include management, marketing organization, human resources, management of sports and economy. Sports Management courses are critical for all departments of Physical Education and Sport Schools. Department offers theoretical courses for students to give a broad perspective on organizational skills in the field of sport management . Department of Sports Management offers courses for students to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge. Our students have also the possibility of the Minor and Double Major programs. The European Union can take advantage of exchange programs with universities contracted within the framework of the Erasmus Programme.

Sports Management Program's graduates can work at university's departments of health, physical education and sports, the head of health, cultural and sports, as well as sport science departments, sports centers, General Directorate of Youth and Sport' s Central and Provincial Region. Graduates are also employed in sports health centers, sports federations, government agencies and private entities, sports clubs, fitness centers, tourism organizations, institutions and organizations dealing with sport tourism, military schools, sports clubs and school sports clubs.

Score Type: YGS-5
Language of Instruction: Turkish and English 30%
Duration of Study: 4 Years