Senior Care


Changes in demographics in our country and in the world are giving rise to a decreasing young population and increasing older population. At the same time traditional family structure is breaking down and the nuclear family is leading to a deficit in senior care which is an important area of social services. From this it is clear that the need for qualified staff able to work with older people has increased. Therefore, this program aims to train health technicians that are well educated and able to work in senior care services in public and private organizations.

Students who graduate from this department can work in social services related to senior care such as municipalities, nursing home senior care centers, public and private organizations. Moreover, Istanbul Okan University vocational school of health services is collaborating with KASEV to provide our students with opportunities for practical experience.

Period of Education: 2 years
Prep School: Optional
Hospital/nursing home Internship: Yes
Hospital/nursing home Practice: Yes
Education Language: Turkish