Information has become more mobile along with the all production factors in today’s highly competitive business world. As a result, businesses are not able to outperform their rivals solely by having success in manufacturing technology and decreasing costs.

On the other hand, companies must not have any delay in their business processes in order to compete in the market. Therefore logistics, which is the whole process of the production from acquiring raw material to delivery to the final consumers, has become the key aspect in the modern business world. As the importance of logistics has been growing up in the competitive business world, the need for the educated and skilled logisticians for the sector has been growing in our country as well.

The aim of this program: is to offer students theoretical and applied education and train them to become skilled workforce to fulfil the requirements of domestic and foreign businesses. Our program has been designed to help our students to monitor the recent developments in the global competitive world, and bring new and creative ideas to the sector.

Students may complete their internship term in a domestic or international logistic firm or in the logistic department of a firm. After graduation students have opportunity to be employed in those areas.

The total credits required for the satisfactory completion of the curriculum are 68credits. The program additionally requires internships enduring 40 work days.

Training Period: 2 Years
Voluntary Prep School: Yes
Point Description: YGS-6
Evening Education: None

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Advisory Board

  • Sadık Kalkavan, Tur-AL İnş. Gn. Md.
  • Osman Karaçukur, Danışmanlık İnşaat Turizm Gn. Md.
  • N.Tayfun Özyılmaz, İşmont Tic. Ltd. / Company Owner
  • Yusuf Kandemir, Evyap A.Ş. Tic. Md.
  • Korhan Demirci, Tırsan A.Ş. Sat. Md.
  • Rüstem Danış, Y. Customs Broker
  • Ahmet Koç, Limanlı Lojistik Gn. Md.
  • Dr. Gülcan Jan Caller, Instructor
  • Resul Bilge, Var-Yap - Varlıbaşlar, Construction Company Officer
  • Turhan Özen, CEVA Lojistik Ltd. Sti. Gn. Md. Yrd.
  • Faysal Yalınkılıç, Omsan Plan. ve Paz. Md.
  • Ali Altınel, Consultant