Graphic Design


The aim of the Department; graphic trained the areas of technical and aesthetic aspects related to the design, which can analyze the environment and age, researchers can solve design problems and have creative potential, communication era of dynamic adaptation abilities armed with can provide, confident educate designers. Our students prepared a curriculum for this purpose is equipped with features that meet the basic requirements of both professional as well as develop their ability to recognize the interdisciplinary study of the different application areas.

Our graduate students, promotion and advertising agencies, firms, advertising and promotion unit, in the printed media, printing, photography, filmmaking in the sector, the television channel, web-based can work in an enterprise engaged in publishing, can continue their profession as or in a freelance designer business that they themselves established.

Has captured the era, the dominant language of communication, knowledge of the arts is to train hardware designers.

The total credits required for the satisfactory completion of the curriculum are 67 credits. The program additionally requires one internships enduring 40 work days.

Message to the visual pathways, logos and artistic criteria to reach a specific target audience, posters, catalogs, corporate identity, large street posters (billboards), press advertisements, packaging, books, web interface design, interactive design, preparing the design of materials, such as magazines to gain the skills.

This program can solve all kinds of problems of visual design, creative designers, advanced equipment and design required by the age of TV reality can be used effectively it aims to train.

Training Period: 2 Years
Voluntary Prep School: Yes
Point Description: YGS-5
Evening Education: None

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Advisory Board

  • Tülin Yazıcı, Atölye Kostüm Tekstil San ve Tic A.Ş. - Company Owner
  • Fatih İğrek, İğrek Makine Executive Board Member of the International Relations
  • Ömer F. Güray, ABB Elektrik Sanayi A.Ş. - Senior Vice President
  • Alp Yüzüak, ABB Elektrik Sanayi A.Ş. - Business Controller
  • Assoc. Prof. Ayşenur Topçuoğlu, Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences Department of International Trade - Head of Department
  • Tolga Ballık, Gizem Frit CEO ve Chairman of the Board
  • Caner Önkol, Onkol Dış Ticaret ve Danışmanlık - Company Owner
  • Akın Özel, Eurobank Tekfen - Foreign Trade Operations Unit Manager
  • Recai Karakazancı, Martı Gümrük Müşavirliği Ltd. Şti.
  • Savaş Toprakçıoğlu, Pozitif Gümrük Müşavirliği - Customs Broker
  • Yesim Çamlıbel