Graduate Terms And Career Opportunities


In order to graduate from the Program with Thesis, the total course load must be completed with a grade point average of 2.50 out of 4.00, successful in the seminar and master's thesis, national and / or international symposium papers from master's studies or at least 1 academic publication as a national and / or international refereed journal article must be published or accepted. Graduates from the MA program with thesis receive a 'Master's Degree' in the field of specialization.

Our graduates can find job opportunities in the private sector, public and universities. Armed with their professional knowledge in energy and environment and information technologies, construction management, contemporary architectural history and theories and design methods, they can take senior positions in many institutions, construction sites and architectural offices at national and international scale. In addition, our graduates can enter the doctorate programs of architecture at universities and abroad and other domestic universities and work as academicians in universities.