Summer School Courses

29 May 2023

Dear Students,

  • Students of our faculty can take a total of 3 courses in the 2022-2023 Summer School.
  • The course/courses offered at our university cannot be taken from other higher education institutions. The course/courses taken from other Higher Education Institutions that are not registered for the opened course will be deemed invalid.
  • The student can take a summer education course from a university with a higher score than the base score of his/her program in the year he/she is registered.
  • He can take the courses he has never taken from his current semester or lower semesters, he cannot take courses from upper grades, but if GPA>3 he can take 1 course from the upper grade.
  • Students who want to take courses from another university present the course content of the university they want to attend to the relevant faculty member. The lecturer has to review and approve "COURSE CONTENT and CREDIT ARE SUITABLE", otherwise he cannot take the course.
  • Fills out the form for taking courses from another university, and submits it to the dean's office after it is approved by the head of the department and the advisor, together with the approved course content. Summer School course enrollment forms that are not submitted to the Dean's Office are deemed invalid even if they take the courses.
  • The Dean's Office examines the requests of all our students to take courses from another university and, if found appropriate, forwards them to the Faculty Administrative Board.
  • After the success grades sent by other Higher Education Institutions are approved by the relevant Board of Directors, they are sent to the Registrar's Office and recorded in the transcript before the start of the course registrations for the semester following the summer school.