S’aide (Student’s Aide)


S’aide is an easy, fast and low-cost payment system

S’aide will provide guidance to you how to pay from your home country with local payment points in your own city. This way: you will be able to pay easy, fast and secure way and your payment will be in your records automatically to speed up your registration. All payments through S’aide appear instantly on our system where the financial office can finalize your transactions and hence speed up the registration.

How to Pay with S’aide:

  • Download S’aide Application
  • Go to Payments
  • Make Your Deposit Payment
  • Enter your university prospective student number
  • Select Istanbul Okan University
  • Add Welcoming Package
  • Add Health Insurance
  • Select for whom the payment is for
  • Choose the nearest S’aide Payment partner
  • Enter your deposit/registration/tuition amount
  • Complete your payment information
  • Get your Payment Guidance
  • At the Payment Center make payment
  • Upload Reference code and receipt to S’aide App

This easy, fast, and secure payment system comes with additional benefits such as:

  • Free Health Insurance
  • Free Airport Transfer
  • Sim Card and 3 month GSM plan
  • Health Assistance Service & Insurance
  • Flight ticket discounts
  • PTE English Exam discount and more

You can download the app and register from Google play store and Apple store.