Staying in dormitory starting from 1st of June ,2020

15 May 2020

Dear Students,

Please see below price chart for the dormitory rooms with three meals daily included in the price of the room.. Normaly we close the dormitories end of May but due to pandemic, dormitores will be open on 1st of June, 2020 again.

If you want to stay in dormitories starting from 1st of June please pay your dormitory fees in advance payment and make your dormitory registrations in financial office in Tuzla Campus.While makingpayment , Student Name and Surname" and "Student ID Number - Dorm Fee Payment" must be written in the statement part. For detailed information,about payment options and bank account details ,check the links below

C TYPE 4 PERSON $1.800 $500
C TYPE 2 PERSON$2.800 $750
C TYPE İ 1 PERSON $4.400 $1.200
D TYPE 4 PERSON $1.750 $450
A TYPE 2 PERSON $3.200 $850
A TYPE 1 PERSON $5.100 $1.300

Stay safe and healthy
International Students Office