Final Exam Procedures for Medicine Faculty

15 May 2020

Dear Medicine Faculty Students,

Announcenment for our students of semester 1 , semester 2 and semester3

In accordance with the requests from you and the decision of the Higher Education Council dated 11.05.20220, Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Medicine Faculty Board convened on 13.05.22020 and took the following decisions unanimously.

It was decided that
1) reducing the minimum passing grade to 60 points to be valid for the 2019-2020 school year,
2) Semester 1, making final exams on 15.06.2020 online and make up exams on 07.07.22020 online
3) Semester 2, making final exams on 19.06.22020 online and make up exams on 10.07.22020 online
4) Semester 3, making Final Exams on 12.06.2020 online and make up exams on 03.07.22020 online

Stay safe and healthy
International Students Office