General Information About Taking Exam Up On O’LEARN

01 May 2020
  • Your exam will be activated at the exam time in the “Course Content” page
  • You need to make your PC clock in any country with UTC + 3 .(important)
  • You can try different browsers like Chrome ,Mozilla but do not try Internet Explorer
  • Make sure the Chrome is up to date otherwise you need to clear cookies because Chrome takes into account the old time when you change the PC clock.
  • You must select your language by logging into the language section in your personal settings.

Step 1
Enter Control Panel.
Click Date and Time.
Change the time zone.
Make any country with UTC +3 and click Ok.

Step 2

Open Chrome on your computer.
Click Other Settings (three dots in a row) at the top right.
At the bottom, click "Advanced".
Click Content settings in the "Privacy and security" section.
Enter Cookies.
Click Show all cookies and site data.
Click the Remove All icon to the right of the site.
And restart Chrome.
You can restart the exam.

Important Note !
You can send any questions and/or questions you have before/during/after the exam by mail. It is important that you specify your first name/last name/Student Number and course name in your e-mails so that we can support you more quickly.


  • If the grades are not reflected on the student screens ; they are available in exams that require grading. Your Note will be displayed on your screen when your instructor completes the grading process.
  • If you are expelled from the system or if the internet connection is broken ; the log control can be done and the exam definition can be made again during the exam. You can reach the Learning Center by Mail.
  • Those who want to see the correct/wrong answers at the end of the exam can contact their instructors and faculty/institute.
  • If you cannot return to the questions in some exams; this is the decision of your instructor.
  • If you answer the first question and click the end test button; if you reach the Learning Center by e-mail at the time of the exam, you are given the right to log in.
  • If your answers are not evaluated in fill-in questions, you may have problems with the ‘case sensitive’ feature turned off for the exam. You can share your findings with the instructor. When an update is made on the completed exam, the grades are also updated.
  • Loss of time in late entries; defined time is given to the student as of the moment the exam is opened.
  • O'learn-Blackboard browser compatibility test before finals must be done.

Please click for O'learn-Blackboard browser compatibility test

Good luck !
Stay safe and healthy
International Students Office