From Okan University Science Institute: Double Degree Offer

26 August 2015

By Architecture Department’s Master of Science (MSc.) Program on Architecture in English and Architecture Department of Second University of Naples-SUN

Okan University and Second University of Naples (SUN) is running an agreement together to offer Double Degree by their Architecture Department’s Second level teaching. Within the framework of the agreement, OKAN shall offer Double Degree option to its five (5) most successful student(s) in the first semester of The Master of Science (MSc.) Program on Architecture in English (Main Program), providing studies both in Turkey and Italy to reach its teaching goals.

Duration of the Program is 4 (+2) semesters. Students achieving Double Degree route shall continue with their second semester studies at SUN’s Architecture and Design Faculty facilities in Aversa-Italy. Later studies of the program for students from OKAN shall be completed in Turkey. Students successfully completing the route shall receive Double Degree Diplomas from both OKAN and SUN.

Double Degree may open doors to the students and can facilitate working in Europe Community countries like Italy etc. It should be remembered that transferring to Double Degree route relies on first semester performances of students at Master of Science Program on Architecture in English (The Main Program). Students shall receive four courses each in first and second second semesters adding up to to eight (8). In the last two semesters, students shall focus on their theses under the guidance of competent academic advisors of the school(s). Jury compositions in relation to courses and theses shall be formed of both universities’ academics. Master studies total up to 120 ECTS in accordance with Bologna standards, in which each semester is 30 ECTS. Other students staying in the Main Program shall continue studying in Turkey under similar conditions and rules.

Double Degree students’ expenditures relevant to italy (trips, accomodation-meals and living shall be covered by themselves.

Applicatşons for registration to The Master of Science (MSc.) Program on Architecture in English (The Main Program) continues until 2nd of September 2015 evening at 17.00 hrs. Entrance exam and/or interview shall take place at 9.00 am, 7th of September 2015 at OKAN Engineering and Architecture Building, 4th floor.

Kindly refer to OKAN Science Institute at Hasanpaşa-Kadıköy for applicational rudiments and/or other details.