2020 Contract Period Erasmus + Language Exam Results

01 March 2022

Dear Students and Istanbul Okan University Employees,

Erasmus+ Language Exam Results held on February 14-15th, 2022 are announced below. Candidates who want to object to the exam result must send their petition to until 03.03.2022 (12:00PM NOON).

Click for The Exam Results


The winners will be determined by taking into account the average scores of the candidates who have a minimum average of 60 for the Erasmus language exam. (Grade Point Average: 50%, Language Exam Result: 50%.) Erasmus Final Score Results will be announced. The final listings will be determined for Each Faculty and confirmed by Erasmus Coordinatorship and announced on Okan Erasmus Web Site

Our students who are approved and will participate in the Erasmus study mobility should send their University Preference Petition to until date that is TBA.

Candidates who have taken the foreign language exam but want to use another valid language score must enter the relevant language score option and the score to the system. In addition, they must attach the documents showing their score to the application documents (by uploading a copy to the files section in the kimoerasmus system) and send document to .

In addition to the average academic achievement and foreign language score; Academic success of students who have benefited from higher education students or internship mobility within the scope of Erasmus + within the same education level and while calculating the total foreign language score, 10 points reduction is applied for each mobility previously used (regardless of study-internship).

The evaluation criteria and weighted scores to be used in evaluating mobility applications are as follows:


Weighted Points

Academic achievement level


Language level


To the children of martyrs and veterans

+15 point

Disabled students (provided that the disability is documented)

+10 point

Within the scope of the Social Services Law No.2828, for the students whose protection, care or accommodation decision is taken

+10 point

Prior participation in mobility (with or without grant)

-10 point

Participating in mobility in the country of citizenship

-10 point

For students who are selected for mobility: Not attending the meetings / trainings organized by the higher education institution regarding mobility without an excuse (applies if the student applies again to Erasmus))

-5 point

Declaring that he / she will take the language exam without an excuse not to attend (if the student applies again to Erasmus)

-5 point

PS: You can check the Contracted Universities and their Quotas from the "Bilateral Agreements" section of our Erasmus web page, and get detailed information from your department / faculty coordinators. It is important that you learn about universities and the languages of instruction before making a choice.

1)You can access the lists, education languages and quotas of the universities with which your department has an agreement by clicking "Bilateral Agreements" from the link below.

2. The monthly financial support to be given to Erasmus students for the period of study abroad can be found at the following link:

3. The link below contains a list of our Erasmus + Faculty Coordinators.

We wish you a good luck.