28 July, Tuesday: Invitation to Nuffic Neso Turkey’s Pre-Departure Webinar

27 July 2020

After an extraordinary application and a decision-making period, admittance processes to Dutch higher education institutions (DHEIs) are finally complete and many successful students from Turkey are now finalizing their last preparations before their upcoming higher education adventures in the Netherlands.

This is why Nuffic Neso Turkey – The Netherlands Education Support Office in Turkey is hosting a webinar particularly designed for the students who already received admittance to a DHEI on July 28th, Tuesday at 17:00 (GMT+3hours). This online seminar is a great opportunity to learn everything you will need to do the moment after you land at the Schiphol Airport and also for addressing your questions directly to Nuffic Neso Turkey’s team.

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Event: Pre-Departure Webinar by Nuffic Neso Turkey
Date: 28.07.2020, Tuesday
Time: 17:00 (GMT+2hours)
Location: Anywhere with an internet connection!

Note: This webinar is only for the students who have already received an admission from a DHEI for the upcoming semester. The event is free of charge and participation link will only be shared with the students who have completed their online registration.