Graduate Terms and Career Opportunities


In order to graduate from the program, in the order given below;

1. Completing the total course load with a grade point average of 3.00 out of 4.00 and being successful in the Seminar course,
2. Being successful in the Proficiency Exam
3. Being successful in the thesis proposal exam
4. To be successful in at least 3 thesis follow-up processes
5. Having published or accepted at least 1 academic publication as a national and / or international indexed symposium declaration or national and / or international indexed journal article before the Thesis Defense Committee
6. Success must be obtained from the Doctoral Thesis Defense jury.

Graduates of the Ph.D. Program receive a 'Doctorate Diploma' that determines the title of Doctor.

Career opportunities
Our graduates can continue their academic careers in other universities, especially in our university, take part in research projects, take advantage of post-doctoral opportunities abroad, and offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in their fields of expertise.