Aim and Structure of The Program


There have been many important changes in the scope of architecture in recent years. A large part of these changes brought about paradigmatic transformations in the professional and academic fields. Among these, academic, scientific and professional orientations that are influenced by environmental issues and universal sustainability policies come to the fore. The English Ph.D. Program in Architecture aims to convey current discussions, basic theoretical approaches and current knowledge at international and national scales in the fields of architectural history and theories, construction management, design methods and building technologies. Students of the English Ph.D. Program in Architecture are expected to transform this accumulation into original scientific studies within the framework of a research activity focused on sustainable architecture, city and environment.

Program consists of a total 21-credit course load (8 courses) and a non-credit doctoral dissertation.

With the recommendation of the advisor and the approval of the Institute Administrative Board; students can take 2 courses from Istanbul Okan University graduate programs. In order to begin the Doctoral Thesis studies, the Proficiency Exam and Thesis Proposal stages must be successfully completed. In order to defend the Doctoral Thesis in front of the Jury, the thesis monitoring stages must be completed successfully and at least one refereed paper and / or article publishing requirement produced from the Doctoral Thesis Subject must be fulfilled.