Requried/Selective Spring Semester English Courses Exemption Exam

11 February 2021

The exemption exams for our Required/Selective Spring SemesterEnglish courses are going to take place on the 1st and 2nd of March, 2021 via our online platform O'Learn. Please find below the information about the exam day and time of the course you would like to be exempt from.

Click on The Exam Schedule.

The students who want to sit for the exemption exam must apply for the exam by filling out the online application form below until the 20th of February, 23:59. Each student is allowed to choose only one course. If students apply for and take more than one exam, their exam results will become null and void. Please make sure that you apply for the correct course before choosing the course code. The students who pass the exam will be given the letter grade "G".

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